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Research software . Software . 2021

Paititi Research: Data Processing Scripts for Earth Engine

Vasyunin, Yaroslav; Lobanov, Vasily;
Open Access

JavaScript code used in the geospatial analysis searching for Paititi. The code, coupled with the provided data, allows studying the distribution of morphometric characteristics of terrain for specified point samples by making a chart and exporting the derived terrain products as GeoTiffs. In theory, it can bring insights on where to look for ancient settlements of Inca and other Andean cultures. You must run the code inside the Google Earth Engine, a free-to-use cloud computing platform for processing satellite imagery and other Earth observation data. It requires you to have a Google account and a related Earth Engine account. To successfully apply this code, you also need to have basic experience with coding and GIS. Please, read the file for more details. Links Paititi Research Google Earth Engine GitHub Repository

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ACM Computing Classification System: GeneralLiterature_MISCELLANEOUS


South America, Peru, Inca, archaeology, remote sensing, GIS, Earth Engine, OpenStreetMap

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Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage
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