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Sherratt, Tim;
Open Access

Current version: v1.0.0 Jupyter notebooks to work with data from DigitalNZ's API. For more information see the DigitalNZ section of the GLAM Workbench. Notebook topics Exploring the API Build a DigitalNZ API search query – experiment with the DigitalNZ search API Getting some top-level data from the DigitalNZ API – poke around at the top-level of DigitalNZ, mainly using facets to generate some collection overviews and summaries Harvesting data Harvest facet data from DigitalNZ – explores what facets are available from the DigitalNZ API and demonstrates how to harvest data from them Harvest data from Papers Past – harvest large amounts of data from Papers Past (via DigitalNZ) for further analysis Tips and tricks Select a random(ish) record from DigitalNZ – examines the available facets, then uses them to reduce the size of the results set until it's possible to select a random record Find results by country in DigitalNZ – find records relating to particular countries by searching for geocoded locations using bounding boxes Visualising collections QueryPic DigitalNZ – a web app to visualise searches in Papers Past over time Visualise a search in Papers Past – create a simple visualisation showing the distribution of a search over time and by newspaper Papers Past newspapers in DigitalNZ – displays details of the Papers Past newspapers available through DigitalNZ Visualising open collections in DigitalNZ – assemble data relating to the usage status of collections and visualise the results in a suitably colourful burst of fireworks! Datasets Summary of facets Individual facets: collection.csv creator.csv subject.csv format.csv placename.csv decade.csv content_partner.csv language.csv century.csv usage.csv rights.csv year.csv copyright.csv dc_type.csv category.csv primary_collection.csv collections_by_partner.csv usage_by_collection_and_partner.csv See the GLAM Workbench for more details. Cite as See the GLAM Workbench or Zenodo for up-to-date citation details. This repository is part of the GLAM Workbench. If you think this project is worthwhile, you can become a GitHub sponsor.

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ACM Computing Classification System: GeneralLiterature_REFERENCE(e.g.,dictionaries,encyclopedias,glossaries) ComputingMilieux_MISCELLANEOUS GeneralLiterature_MISCELLANEOUS ComputerApplications_MISCELLANEOUS

EOSC: Jupyter Notebook


digital humanities, DigitalNZ, Jupyter, GLAM Workbench, digital collections

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Software . 2021
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