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Other research product . 2011

Importance of households for the development of event tourism in the municipality Lucani

Radivojević Zlata; Paunović Dragana;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2011
Publisher: Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic, SASA
Country: Serbia

Thanks to the Parliament, about Guca, as the capital of the trumpet, entertainment, ethnic specialties, many people have heard and started to arrive from many European and non-European countries. It may sound paradoxal, but Guca in this measure was never more mentioned in the media, and never had fewer guests. In order to respond to the challenges that development policy imposes, the tourist organization must make the proper selection and training of personnel who have wide culture and knowledge and will to work in order to return guests. Despite significant potential, the area of Dragacevo is underused. General assessment of the current situation is bad, and it is primarily the consequence of the poor work of the tourist organization: a noticeable decrease in the number of tourists in rural tourism, in relation to a period of ten years ago, and in hotels (seminars, conferences, sports training); negligible economic effect of the trips, lack of activity at the presentation of tourism opportunities and propaganda, the guests were mostly satisfied with reception and services, no complete data on the number of guests (it is known that a significant number of households receiving guests for the Trumpet, but no sign, no city tax), there was no organization that was organized to work in tourism - Tourist organization of municipality was established in 2004., and its activity was later acquired by the Center for Culture, Sport and Tourism of Lucani. Negligible economic effects of pension spending and extra services are just one of the many negative effects of lack of activity at the presentation of tourism opportunities and propaganda.


households, disorganized reception of guests, Parliament of trumpeters

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