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Publication . Article . 2014

The Controversies Between Byzantium and the Crusaders in the Period of Emperor I. Alexios Komnenos (1081-1118)

Emrullah Kaleli;
Open Access
Published: 01 Dec 2014 Journal: Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences, volume 13, issue 4, pages 973-992 (issn: 2149-5459, Copyright policy )
Publisher: Gaziantep University
The crusades is a duration of struggle subsisted between East and West or Christians and Muslims and comprises a period of two centruies. This duration at the same time states a series of prgress resulted with the crash of Eastern Roman Empire. But in the beginning the main objectives of the crusades was to help Byzantine State that has difficulties in struggling with Turks and to rescue the Christians who dwell there. In this context the period of Emperor I. Alexios Komnenos is very important. Because the crusades that affects the relations between Byzantium and Westerners negatively from the first moment had begun in his time. The prejudgements and doubts about “the other side” existing between these two sections that don’t get along each other in many affairs from the religious differences concerning the explication of Christinaty to cultural distinctions, regarding earthly matters,turned to open conflicts with the crusades. In this study, it is discussed the relations in question and the Alexios’ attitudes toward to crusaders and the politics he adopted which determine the following state of affairs of the relations of Byzantium and Crusaders
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Haçlı seferleri, I. Aleksios Komnenos, Bizans, Haçlılar, Crusades, I. Alexios Komnenos, Byzantium, Crusaders

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