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Synchronizing the Greenland ice core and radiocarbon timescales over the Holocene – Bayesian wiggle-matching of cosmogenic radionuclide records

Raimund Muscheler; Florian Adolphi;
Open Access English
  • Published: 15 Jan 2016
Investigations of past climate dynamics rely on accurate and precise chronologies of the employed climate reconstructions. The radiocarbon dating calibration curve (IntCal13) and the Greenland ice core chronology (GICC05) represent two of the most widely used chronological frameworks in paleoclimatology of the past ∼ 50 000 years. However, comparisons of climate records anchored on these chronologies are hampered by the precision and accuracy of both timescales. Here we use common variations in the production rates of 14C and 10Be recorded in tree-rings and ice cores, respectively, to assess the differences between both timescales during the Holocene. Compared t...
free text keywords: Paleontology, Stratigraphy, Global and Planetary Change, Chronology, Geology, Wiggle matching, Paleoclimatology, Radiocarbon dating, law.invention, law, Mode (statistics), Ice core, Climatology, Holocene, Measurement uncertainty, lcsh:Environmental pollution, lcsh:TD172-193.5, lcsh:Environmental protection, lcsh:TD169-171.8, lcsh:Environmental sciences, lcsh:GE1-350
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