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Bipolar volcanic synchronization of abrupt climate change in Greenland and Antarctic ice cores during the last glacial period

A. Svensson; D. Dahl-Jensen; J. P. Steffensen; T. Blunier; S. O. Rasmussen; B. M. Vinther; P. Vallelonga; P. Vallelonga; E. Capron; V. Gkinis; ...
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  • Published: 19 Aug 2020
<p><span id="page1566"/>The last glacial period is characterized by a number of millennial climate events that have been identified in both Greenland and Antarctic ice cores and that are abrupt in Greenland climate records. The mechanisms governing this climate variability remain a puzzle that requires a precise synchronization of ice cores from the two hemispheres to be resolved. Previously, Greenland and Antarctic ice cores have been synchronized primarily via their common records of gas concentrations or isotopes from the trapped air and via cosmogenic isotopes measured on the ice. In this work, we apply ice core volcanic proxies and annual layer counting to ...
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Timing of Holocene volcanic eruptions and their radiative aerosol forcing
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NSF| Collaborative Research: Investigating Upper Pleistocene Rapid Climate Change using Continuous, Ultra-High-Resolution Aerosol and Gas Measurements in the WAIS Divide Ice Core
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Tipping Points in the Earth System
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