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Publication . Article . 2021

Affective interventions and ‘the hegemonic other’ in runestones from Västergötland and Södermanland, Sweden

Elisabeth Arwill-Nordbladh; Ing-Marie Back Daniellson;
Open Access
Published: 09 Dec 2021
Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Arkeologi
Country: Sweden

In the eleventh century AD, the Scandinavian countries were in the final stage of the process of conversion to Christianity. Local and regional processes of negotiations towards a Christian hegemony took various courses in different parts of Scandinavia. There are few substantial indications that social tensions resulted in violence. Rather, archaeological evidence indicates a gradual change. This paper highlights how these processes of negotiations were expressed by counter-hegemonic groups that took advantage of the affective affordances of runestones. By raising specific runestones, these non-Christian groups were part of an agonistic political process, as described by the political philosopher Chantal Mouffe.


agonistics, Mouffe, affect, affective styles, affective communities, political negotiations, relational ontology, Archaeology, Arkeologi, Archeology

80 references, page 1 of 8

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