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Publication . Preprint . 2019

On the processing of nonwords in word naming and auditory lexical decision

Chuang Y; Voller M; Elnaz Shafaei-Bajestan; Susanne Gahl; Peter Hendrix; Baayen Rh;
Open Access
Published: 05 Aug 2019
Publisher: Zenodo

Nonwords are often used to clarify how lexical processing takes place in the absence of semantics. This study shows that nonwords are not semantically vacuous. We used Linear Discriminative Learning (Baayen et al., 2019) to estimate the meanings of nonwords in the MALD database (Tucker et al., 2018) from the speech signal. We show that measures gauging nonword semantics significantly improve model fit for both acoustic durations and RTs. Although nonwords do not evoke meanings that afford conscious reflexion, they do make contact with the semantic space, and the angles and distances of nonwords with respect to actual words co-determine articulation and lexicality decisions.

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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Computer science Word (computer architecture) Natural language processing computer.software_genre computer Artificial intelligence business.industry business Lexical decision task Text mining

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Wide Incremental learning with Discrimination nEtworks
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