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Publication . Article . 2022

الإسلاموفوبيا باعتبارها خطاب كراهية: جذورها الدينية والثقافية

Badrane Benlahcene;
Open Access
Published: 30 Jun 2022
Publisher: Academy of Islamic Studies, Dept of Islamic History and Civilization, University of Malaya
Country: Qatar

تهدف هذه الورقة إلى تحليل الجذور الدينية والثقافية التي أنتجت خطاب الإسلاموفوبيا، وصورت الإسلام باعتباره ديناً همجياً، والمسلمين بأنهم أعداء حضارة، وقادت دعاية ضده، وضد مبادئه العالمية، ومسالمة شعوبه التي تعرضت حضارياً للغزو والكراهية والاستعمار، وبخاصة في العصور الحديثة بعد أنت هيمنت أوروبا على العالم. This paper raises a question about Islamophobia as a phenomenon in the Western context, and its resulting hate speech, to understand the roots of this phenomenon that produces hate speech towards Islam and Muslims. It aims to break down these historical roots, and relies on the analysis of religious texts from western religious personalities since the dawn of Islam until today, as well as the analysis of a some of intellectual texts expressing Western supremacy over Islamic civilization, which led to the emergence of Islamophobia and its transformation into hate speech in various means of communication and interaction. Among the results that this paper aspires to is to pave the way for religious and intellectual revision of western standpoint towards Islam, to open the door for new understanding of Islam and Muslims that goes beyond the complexities of the Crusades and the colonial period, to build an informed understanding of Islam and Muslims. Moreover, to open the door for cultural cooperation and coexistence instead of conflict, especially as we are in a world where the destiny of the whole humankind has become interconnected.


الاسلام, التعايش, الصراع, الكراهية, الإسلاموفوبيا, Religious studies, Anthropology, History, Cultural Studies

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