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Publication . Article . 2010

On the formation of concessive conjunctions RAN and RAN'ER

Luxia Li;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2010 Journal: Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale, volume 39, pages 213-247 (eissn: 1960-6028, Copyright policy )
Publisher: Brill
Contrary to many Chinese linguists who regard the historical development of the conjunctions ran and ràn'ér as identical, I argue that the two are in fact distinct. Through a thorough analysis of occurrences of these conjunctions in twelve texts from the Archaic and Mediaeval Chinese periods, I show that ran, originally a verbal demonstrative occurring between clauses that are not semantically coherent, grammaticalized into a conjunction under the influence of the context. The conjunction rân'ér shows a distinct pathway of grammaticalization : it originally derived from instances of collocation of the demonstrative ran and the conjunction ér, and underwent lexicalization to be reanalyzed as a word. I argue that the context is very important in the process of grammaticalization of the two conjunctions.
Grâce à l'analyse des conjonctions ran and rân'ér dans douze textes chinois des périodes archaïque et médiévale, nous montrons que ces deux conjonctions se développent suivant un processus de grammaticalisation distinct : ràn vient d'un démonstratif verbal, et s'employait entre des phrases de contenu sémantique opposé, avant de devenir une conjonction, alors que la conjonction rân 'ér se développe à partir de la collocation du démonstratif ràn et de la conjonction ér, et provient d'une réanalyse. Notre étude montre l'importance capitale du contexte dans ces processus de grammaticalisation et de réanalyse.
Li Luxia. On the formation of concessive conjunctions RAN and RÁN'ÉR. In: Cahiers de linguistique - Asie orientale, vol. 39 2, 2010. pp. 213-245.
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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Lexicalization Linguistics Grammaticalization History Context (language use) Collocation Ran Conjunction (grammar) Anaphora (linguistics) Demonstrative


Linguistics and Language, Language and Linguistics, Archaic Chinese ; demonstrative ; concessive conjunction ; anaphora ; grammaticalization, chinois archaïque ; démonstratif ; conjonction de concession ; anaphore ; grammaticalisation

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