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On the dating of two early 2nd century coin issues from Kos and the IGCH 1320 hoard

Höghammar, Kerstin;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2013
  • Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Antikens kultur och samhällsliv
  • Country: Sweden
This paper presents and discusses the dates of two Koan silver issues, drachms with young Herakles/crab and club in incuse, and hemidrachms with Apollo/lyre. A date in the 190s is suggested on several grounds. Weights and diameters correspond with those of HI XII and XIII of the third century, suggesting that they followed shortly thereafter. The other Koan silver issues of the second century were minted on a lower weight-standard. The hoard IGCH 1320 contains examples of both issues, and the other Koan issues in it date to the middle and second half of the third century or the 190s/c.190. Homonyms occur in issues dating to the end of third/early second century....
free text keywords: coins, hellenistic, Kos, Cos, history, hoard, coin issue, dating, incuse, plinthophoric, drachm, hemidrachm
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14 Private collection, UBS Estimated weight standard and weight distribution (Fig. 1b) 15/9/98, no. 266, K E ver- hTe 41 coins for which weights are recorded range from tically l. of (=below) name. 1.06-1.65 g (with an outlier at 0.86 g). Twenty-eight (68%) (VS 1772) Pl. 6 weigh between 1.20-1.50 g. Six coins weigh 1.50 g or more. Allowing for weight loss due to wear I suggest that the weight standard of the issue was 1.60 g.

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