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YALÇIN, Süleyman Kaan;
Open Access Azerbaijani
  • Published: 20 Jun 2021 Journal: Uluslararası Türk Lehçe Araştırmaları Dergisi, volume 5, issue 1, pages 1-12 (issn: 2587-1293, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Uluslararası Türk Lehçe Araştırmaları Dergisi
The "+gil" suffix, which comes to names in Turkish and derives the names of kinship, family and relationship from them, is one of the controversial suffixes due to its origin. Although there is a general consensus on the use and function of the suffix, there is no agreement on the origin of it.Various researches have put forward ideas about the origin of the +gil suffix. Some of them have supposed that the suffix is a compound of two suffixes and the others have been on the opinion that the suffix originates from a single word or a particle. While these studies generally do not give determinations about the word or particle on which the suffix is based...
free text keywords: turkish, +gil, +lar, "o" demonstrative/personal pronoun, l plural suffix, Language and Literature, P, Ural-Altaic languages, PH1-5490, Turkish,+gil,+lAr,"o" demonstrative / personal pronoun,*l plural suffix, Türkçe,+gil,+lAr,“o” işaret/şahıs zamiri,*l çokluk eki
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