project . 2018 - 2020 . Closed

IT INDIAN HERITAGE PLATFORM: Enhancing cultural resilience in India by applying digital technologies to the Indian tangible and intangible heritage

UK Research and Innovation
Funder: UK Research and InnovationProject code: AH/R014183/1
Funded under: AHRC Funder Contribution: 148,277 GBP
Status: Closed
14 Feb 2018 (Started) 30 Nov 2020 (Ended)

The research consists in exploiting the potential of digital technologies in raising awareness on the extraordinary cultural value of the tangible and intangible Indian heritage, currently under threat because of a variety of challenges, including rapid urbanisation and demographic changes associated with the flow of new population moving from different areas of the country. Surat is a major metropolitan area experiencing dramatic migration flows and therefore its cultural identity is challenged by new uses and meanings given to the traditional cultural heritage. This research allows making available to the wider public through a website information including a sample of 10 exemplar heritage buildings. It will be possible for the website users to navigate the buildings through 3D models, including information on constructive techniques and state of conservation. The data on the buildings will be complemented with further information reflecting the less visible but equally important cultural assets, for example, folklore, traditions, uses and stories associated to the buildings and related environment. These will include: storytelling from the locals, short videos on the relevant traditional events. Although the website and associated dataset is the main outcome of this research, partner institutions from India and UK will continue working jointly beyond the project through a Center of Excellence. This will be internet based and will offer support to all those authorities, willing to implement the same approach.

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