project . 2017 - 2019 . Closed

PERFORM (Disruptive Textile Technology for Aerospace Applications)

UK Research and Innovation
Funder: UK Research and InnovationProject code: 113133
Funded under: Innovate UK Funder Contribution: 3,276,450 GBP
Status: Closed
31 Aug 2017 (Started) 31 Mar 2019 (Ended)

The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is requesting funding from the Aerospace Technology Institute to purchase new state-of-the-art equipment for the AMRC Composite Centre. This equipment will be used by the AMRC and industrial partners to strengthen the UK’s competitive edge in world markets in composites and aerospace. Composite materials are increasingly being used in aerospace to make aircraft lighter and more environmentally-friendly and there are huge opportunities to adopt composites in many other industries in order to reap economic and environmental benefits. The research undertaken with this equipment is expected to bring down the cost of complex composite components, making it easier for aerospace and other industries to adopt this lightweight solution, and helping UK manufacturers to secure a larger share of the lucrative and rapidlyexpanding aerospace and composite markets.

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