project . 2021 - 2023 . On going

Development of a new, globally-applicable approach for quantifying reef island evolution in 3D, and analyses of Caribbean reef island evolution

UK Research and Innovation
Funder: UK Research and InnovationProject code: NE/V019880/1
Funded under: NERC Funder Contribution: 11,074 GBP
Status: On going
31 May 2021 (Started) 29 Apr 2023 (Ending)
NERC : Emily Husband : NE/S007512/1 Low-lying coral reef islands are considered among the most vulnerable landforms to the impacts of climate change. Currently, an incomplete understanding of reef island evolution and morphology (island evolution is typically analysed in 2-dimensions), and lack of data for reef islands in the Caribbean is limiting predictions regarding how these landforms will respond to future environmental change, e.g., rising sea-level. This project will develop a standardized approach to quantify the 3D evolution of coral reef islands. We will then use this approach to (a) analyse Caribbean reef island evolution in 3D over a range of time periods (weekly, monthly, and annual); (b) identify and measure key morphological characteristics of the islands; and (c) investigate the linkages between island evolution and wave processes on the surrounding reef platforms. The project will produce the first data ever recorded for Caribbean reef islands; and a new, 3D reef island modelling technique, which will be globally applicable and will provide important insights into the capacity of reef islands to adapt to future environmental change.
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