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Other research product . Other ORP type . 2022

Survey of student applicants at a German art academy. English questionnaire

Geisler, Helena;
Open Access
Published: 31 Oct 2022
Publisher: Zenodo

This English questionnaire is based on the German version (Geisler 2022). The present questionnaire was used in 2020 to survey applicants for the bachelor's study program in fine arts at the German Art Academy "Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg" (HFBK). The questions focused on information about the application and application motivation, previous artistic experience and contacts in the art field. In combination with the questioning of socio-demographic variables, social inequalities in the application to study fine arts in Germany could be exemplarily researched. The first version of the German questionnaire was developed together with Doerte Hinrichsen and tested with cognitive pretests (Geisler and Hinrichsen 2021 (unpublished); Geisler 2021). The questionnaire construction was based on the questionnaires used in the survey of applicants at the Institute of Fine Arts at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts “Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien” (Rothmüller 2010) and in the survey of graduates at the HFBK Hamburg (Lohmann and Peter 2020). Further development of the questionnaire, field pretest, implementation and evaluation of the survey took place in the context of the following master thesis: Geisler, Helena (2021): Rückenwind oder Gegenwind beim Zugang zum Kunststudium? Durchführung und Analyse einer Studienbewerber*innen-Befragung an der Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg. Master thesis accepted at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Education, University of Hamburg, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. This questionnaire is based on the questionnaire printed in the appendix of the master's thesis and is supplemented with references to the underlying questions of the surveys by (Rothmüller 2010) and (Lohmann and Peter 2020). For better clarity, the questions have been numbered.


Fragebogen, questionnaire, Befragung, survey, Studienmotivation, study motivation, Bewerbungsmotivation, application motivation, Kulturelles Kapital, cultural capital, Soziale Ungleichheit, social inequality, Kunsthochschule, art school, Hochschule, Higher Education, Bildende Künste, fine arts

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