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Voiceless Nasal Sounds in Three Tibeto-Burman Languages

Chirkova, Katia;
Open Access Burmese
  • Published: 27 Jan 2018
  • Publisher: Pangloss
Voiceless Nasal Sounds in Three Tibeto-Burman Languages : This paper focuses on two types of voiceless nasal sounds in Xumi, a Tibeto-Burman language: (1) the voiceless aspirated nasals /m̥/ [m̥h̃] and /n̥/ [n̥h̃]; and (2) the voiceless nasal glottal fricative [h̃]. We provide a synchronic description of these two types of sounds, and explore their similarities and differences. Xumi voiceless nasal consonants are described with reference to the voiceless nasal consonants /m̥/ and /n̥/ in Burmese and Kham Tibetan, because Burmese voiceless nasals are the best described type of voiceless nasals, and are therefore used as a reference point for comparison; whereas v...
free text keywords: Linguistique, Birman, Xumi, Tibetain, mya, sxg, bod
  • Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage
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