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A good tennis player does not lose matches. The effects of valence congruency in processing stance-argument pairs

Kamoen, Naomi (Tilburg University); Mos, Maria (Tilburg University);
  • Published: 01 Jan 2019
  • Publisher: DataverseNL
Data of three studies reported in the above manuscript. All datafiles are provided in MLWIN/WSZ-format and in SPSS-file (Dataverse does not support MLWIN/WSZ-files but the data were analyzed in this program rather than in SPSS). For each study (1, 2, 3) two datafiles are uploaded, one for the accuracy scores and one for the reaction times. An Excel-file with information about the stimulus materials (e.g., word frequency of the manipulated words) has also been uploaded. Method: Data voor alledrie de studies zijn via de proefpersonenpool van CIW verkregen. Respondenten mochten altijd maar aan een van de drie studies meedoen. Universe: Data zijn verkregen via de pr...
free text keywords: Arts and Humanities, Humanities, Linguistic priming, Reaction times, Tilburg University, Valence framing, Humanities, Linguistics
  • Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage
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