research product . corpus data . 2020

Replication Data for: Davvisámi earutkeahtes oamasteapmi Inalienability in North Saami

Janda, Laura A (UiT The Arctic University of Norway); Antonsen, Lene (UiT The Arctic University of Norway);
  • Published: 01 Jan 2020
  • Publisher: DataverseNO
This data shows the correlation analysis for our study with this description: On the basis of corpus data (9.5M words 1997-2010) we claim that North Saami is developing a grammatical distinction between alienable and inalienable possession. In previous work we documented a language change in North Saami in which the possessive suffix (“SOG”) as in girjji-id-easkka [book-ACC.PL-3PL] ‘their books’ is being replaced by an analytic construction with the reflexive genitive ieža-form, as in iežaska girjjiid ‘their books’. According to typologists, alienable/inalienable distinctions arise primarily in small languages where a language change takes place, and inalienabil...
free text keywords: Arts and Humanities, North Saami, inalienability, language change, possessive construction, semantics, word frequency, Humanities
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corpus data . 2020
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