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Other research product . Other ORP type . 2022

The Early Iron Age pottery assemblage from site 1/1000 at the foot of Vrashka Chuka, northwest Bulgaria

Vasileva, Zheni;
Open Access
Published: 22 Dec 2022
Publisher: Association of Bulgarian Archaeologists | Асоциация на българските археолози
Country: Bulgaria

In the course of rescue archaeological excavations of site 1/1000 at Baba Velika locality, located at the foot of Vrashka chuka in Northwest Bulgaria, the remains of an Early Iron Age site were encountered. This paper is focused on the pottery assemblage found during the rescue archaeological excavations at Vrashka chuka. The study presents the main characteristic of the Early Iron Age pottery found in the features and the general characteristics of the pottery found in the Early Iron Age cultural layer. It also discusses the recognizable shapes and decorative motifs and points out synchronous parallels. The study of the pottery assemblage from Vrashka chuka provided us with the opportunity to shed a new light on the development of the Early Iron Age in Northwest Bulgaria, and especially the district of the modern city of Vidin. The intensive archaeological excavations in recent years have opened a new page in the studies of the Early Iron Age in this part of Bulgaria, which so far was not studied in details.


Early Iron Age, pottery, Gornea-Kalakača, Bosut, Basarabi, Vrashka chuka

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