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Other research product . 2015

Analisis USAha Galian Pasir dan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (Studi Empiris di Desa Kalukubula Kecamatan Sigi Biromaru Kabupaten Sigi)

Adil, Nuryadin;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2015
Country: Indonesia
This study aims to: (1) To determine the household income and expenditure of the families that involve in sand excavation business in the Kalukubula Village, District of Biromaru, Sigi Regency; and (2) To determine the level of family welfare that involve in sand excavation sector in the Kalukubula Villagewith based on the criteria of Cental Beareu Statistics (BPS), The National Population and Family Planning (BKKBN), and the World Bank. This research is categorised as a descriptive study with a survey approach. There were 58 families selected in this study by proportionate stratified random sampling. Data were analyzed using analysis of income and family welfare level analysis. The results show that the level of the average monthly income of households as follow, Rp.4.083.824 for machine owner, Rp.2.794.118 for operator, the shovel workers and truck owners haveaverage monthly income with Rp.3.372.407 and Rp.2.400.000 respectively. Meanwhile,this study found that the average monthly expenditureas as follow, Rp.2.470.882 for machine owner, Rp.1.886.765 for operator, shovel workers and truck owners have Rp.2.263.333 and Rp.1.424.952 respectively. Furthermore, the average proportion of expenditure for food is greater than the non-food. There are several criteria of family welfare based onBPS criteria measured by the property line indicator, for example, 1 people (5.88%) of households operators and 3 people(14.29%) of domestic shovel workers. They are categorised as non proper families while others are categorised as prosper family. In addition, according to the BKKN criteria,this research found that there are 4 people (9.52%) as categorised as a prosperous family in the Phase of I, 49 people (79.31%) are notify as the prosperous family in the phase of II and as many as 6 people (29.41%) are categorised as the prosperous family in phase of III, while there are no families are living in the underprivileged criteria and families welfare in the Phase of III plus. According to the criteria of the World Bank, the results depict that there are several respondents have family income with less than $2 US dollars per day, such as, there are 5 people (29.41%) for the owner of the machine, 13 people (76.47%) for operators, 13 people (61.90%) forshovel workers and 1 people (33.33%) for trucks owners.

Indonesia, Family, Welfare, Sand, Excavation, Business, Analysis

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