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Other research product . 2022

Retorting the Suspicions of the Weak Speech of the Followers of Imam Ali (Pbuh). Talid Bin Suleiman A Model

Hussein, H. N. (Hashem); Rasoul, A. M. (Ali);
Open Access
Published: 22 Mar 2022
Publisher: ScienceScholar
Country: Indonesia
No personality in history like Imam Ali (peace be upon him), received the attention of historians and researchers, and the attention was not limited to his person only, but also extended to his followers and companions. This interest had two sides, the first being positive, reflecting the merit of the Imam and his followers over the Islamic heritage, and the other negative reflecting a viewpoint that adopted this aspect. His women, and in this research we shed light on one of the followers of the Imam, taking from him a model to know the ways that some scholars took to distort the image of the followers and companions of the Imam, peace be upon him, and to drop their argument.

history, Islamic heritage, personality, weak speech, Indonesia

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