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Other research product . 2021

The Historical Conditions for the Forming of Aristotle's Political Thought

Trang, D. T. (Do); Quỳnh, L. T. (Le);
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2021
Publisher: American Linguist Association
Country: Indonesia
When studying the entire history of philosophy, K. Marx wrote: "All genuine philosophy is the spiritual quintessence of its time"(Marx & Engels, 2002). It is understood that the birth of philosophy was conditioned by contemporary socio-historical conditions and other theories and ideas that contribute to the spiritual appearance of that era. Not outside the above rule, the process of arising and developing Greek philosophy in general and of Aristotle's political thought, in particular, is a reflection and is maintained by historical, economic, and political conditions - Ancient Greek society. F. Engels wrote: "Without slavery, there would be no Greek state, no Greek art, and science" (Marx & Engels, 2002). Therefore, the study of Aristotle's political thought must be placed in the historical conditions of its formation. Within the scope of the article, the author focuses on analyzing historical conditions for the forming of Aristotle's political thought in terms of natural, economic - social, and cultural-political conditions.

Aristotle, ancient Greece, cultural-political, history, politics, Indonesia

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