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Other research product . 2011

Zapin Melayu Dalam Wilayah Budaya Serdang, Sumatera Utara : Kajian Terhadap Aspek Sejarah, Fungsi, Dan Struktur

Husein, Muhammad;
Open Access
Published: 30 Sep 2011
Country: Indonesia
In speaking of Zapin writer is inseparable from an understanding of history because it starts from the origin, the entry process, adaptation, to exist until now which is a periodization of history. The meaning of history is that events, incidents,etc, that occurred in the past. So in this case i will record, records, data on the history of Zapin through the previous Zapin experts, particularly in the area of Serdang, North Sumatra. First of all the authors will provide an understanding of Zapin, that is, etymologically, the word Zapin derived from the Arabic word “Zafn” is foot steps, where as according to the author’s own understanding Zapin is a dance that promotes the performinng arts aspect of the foot in dance accompanied by major instrument which consisted of out / lute, marwas, and drum master. Zapin performing arts is one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage is derived through a process of diffussion and acculturation from the Middle East Therefore, in the whole movement on the dance Zapin this implies many shades of Islam, as well as with the use of musical instruments used to accompany dance Zapin is partly derived from the Middle East Then the authors discuss Zapin can not be sparated from the context of the Malays, because it is common that this performing arts belong to the Malay community that exist in this world. Zapin it self according to the Malay is “tandak” or dance, while the scientists looked particularly ethnomusicologist Zapin was a unian between music and dance, so in this study the authors will discuss the understanding of the history, function and structure, the performing arts in the region Zapin Serdang culture, and who became one of the authors is the location of the object market research workshop, Perbaungan Subdistrict, Deli Serdang regency and village Nibung Scorched, District Tanjung Tiram, Coal District. At first Zapin art comes from Hadhramaut. Now the Hadhramaut region of Yemenis located in the State, precisely in the southern Peninsula Arabiah. The people of this Hadramaut or commonly known Hadrami came to the archipelago in the century-the 13th century. Further around the 18th century Arab traders arrive, where one of them is Sayid (among those of Arab descent and are considered as zuriat than the Prophet Muhammad) of Hadramaut to Serdang, he was a captain ond owner of the ship. He is the descendant of Sayyid Ahmad Ibn Isa Al Muhaji who moved from Basra (Iraq) to Hadramout (South Yemen). Well one of his brother than Sayid is married sister Johanshah Sultan of Serdang Kingdom, and many descendants of these Sayid who live in the king domain the kingdom of Deli Serdang. Zapin who came to the archipelago is estimated at arrival to the spread of Islam in this region, whose density is so massively in the 13th century. Which ever occurs first region to receive Zapin in the archipelago are not yet many expressed by experts on the history of art. However, according to the wave archipelago Islamization, the region west of the Malay World is most likely receive the first performing arts of Islam. Despite the historical evidence in that direction still needs to be extracted and searched. As is known in general that the Zapin it is a function performing arts entertainment for weddings, circumcision, birthday of the Prophet and other religious events, especially the religion of Islam. So the media enculturation Zapin useful for propagation of Islam. Furthermore, the structure of music and dance in the show Zapin can not be separated because they are walking along in the show. In this sense that structure is defined as the art of building structures in the terminology of this thesis is an art of building (in which consists of text, dance, and music) which consists of parts taht are smaller, which form a unity. The structure of art is embodied in the dimension of time and space. The structure of text, dance, and music intertwine with each other Zapin establish a perdorming arts has its own characteristics and identity. And for more details, readers can view the contents of this thesis further. 097037008

Zapin, Malay, Serdang, History, Function, Structure, Diffusion, Acculturation, Exist

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