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Other research product . 2022

Research on tourism souvenirs promoting tourism development-Attracting tourists to the Great Bell Temple

Fu, Jingyi;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2022
Country: Finland

This thesis will describe the Great Bell Temple's desire to promote tourism at the Great Bell Temple Museum by designing and selling souvenirs with unique cultural significance, and to attract more visitors to the temple through popular cultural and creative products. A cultural tourism product can be defined as anything that is based on cultural tourism resources and is offered to tourists participating in cultural tourism to satisfy their cultural needs and desires. The question around whether tourism souvenirs can promote tourism in Great Bell Temple. This thesis studies the history of tourist souvenirs, development trends, the development of tourist souvenirs in China, the situation of the Great Bell Temple itself and the development of tourist souvenirs in the Forbidden City. The thesis uses a quantitative survey, using a questionnaire tool for data collection, to draw conclusions. This quantitative study concludes that tourism can be promoted when the design features of tourism souvenirs include a unique culture, are cost effective, have adequate promotion and marketing methods, and have commemorative and collectible value.


fi=Matkailu|sv=Turism|en=Tourism|, travel souvenirs, tourism, culture, temples, tourists and travellers, marketing, effects (results), development (passive), tourism sector, tourist destinations, International Tourism Management

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