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Other research product . 2002

The imperial governors of Dyrrakhion in the reign of Alexios I Kommenos

Peter Frankopan;
Published: 01 Jan 2002
Country: United Kingdom
This article considers the conclusions that we can draw about the imperial governors of Dyrrakhion in the reign of the Emperor Alexios I Kommenos. It looks at why Dyrrakhion became increasingly important in the course of the 11th century and, above all, after Alexios' usurpation of the throne in 1081. Careful attention is paid to establishing the identity of the various individuals whom we know to have held the position of doux of the town in the period between 1081-1118, and the chronology of and context for the appointments looked at in detail. The significance of Dyrrakhion is further highlighted by drawing attention to the fact that only the very closest intimates of the Emperor - and indeed only senior members of the imperial family itself - were made governors of the town in this period. This study represents a fresh examination of Dyrrakhion, and establishes several new conclusions about the identities and careers of the imperial governors of the town in the reign of Emperor Alexios I Kommenos.


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