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Other research product . Other ORP type . 2021

War dummies: Structured data on organized armed confrontations with Dutch involvement, 1566-1812

Petram, Lodewijk; van den Broek, Job; van der Veen, Miriam; Oosterhuis, Joost; Kruizinga, Samuël; Schoenmaker, Ben;
Open Access
Published: 27 Nov 2021
Publisher: DANS EASY
Country: Netherlands

The War dummies data set provides structured data on organized armed confrontations with Dutch involvement between 1566 and 1812. The data structure and content align with two well-known data sets with modern (i.e. post 1815) conflict data: the Inter-State War Database of the Correlates of War Project and the Georeferenced Event Dataset (GED) of the Uppsala Conflict Data Program. The War dummies data are based on three volumes of the book series Militaire geschiedenis van Nederland (published under the auspices of the Dutch Institute for Military History – NIMH) that cover the early-modern. They are suited for quantitative analyses of organized armed confrontations with Dutch involvement, and can be readily applied in statistical analyses.


war, quantitative data, Netherlands, armed confrontation, armed conflict, history, early-modern period

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Other ORP type . 2021
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