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  • Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-13-CORD-0016
    Funder Contribution: 1,008,420 EUR

    "The ARA CAMPUS project takes place in the context of the digital humanities. It is devoted to the central problem of the constitution and use of the scientific heritage of the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in form of digital audiovisual archives (AV). By adopting a cognitive and semiotic approach of AV archives (popularized through the slogan of the ""linguistic turn"" of archives), the ARA Campus project gives a full priority to the analysis of the specific structural (thematic, narrative, discursive, pragmatic, visual and acoustic , ...) characteristics of any AV media. The basic assumption here is that this approach is able to satisfy the multiple needs and expectations of each actor (teacher, researcher, student, doctoral, professional expert, ...) who wants to actively intervene on audiovisual media in order to “transform” it into an intellectual resource properly speaking - in an appropriate resource for specific contexts of use: teaching, research, development of a scientific heritage. With reference to this general framework, the partners of the consortium of the ARA Campus project intend to coordinate their efforts for 30 months of research and development around five major themes as follows: Priority 1: Development of a demonstrator of a software platform (called ARA Campus Studio) providing opportunities for (individual or collective) actors in the fields of SSH to achieve and maintain autonomously their personal archives of AV resources. Priority 2: Provision to any user of the ARA Campus platform with common meta-linguistic (terminological) resources ready for use for a personal archive project: 2.1) a core (“generic”) ontology for the SSH, a common thesaurus and basic models of description/indexing of AV resources; 2.2) work interface composed of interactive ""forms"" customizable to the specificities in the constitution, description and (re-)publishing of AV corpuses; 2.3) possibility of using common standards such as OAI, DC or LOM, languages and common thesauri (eg LCSH) to improve the usability of an archive based on an interoperable organization of knowledge through the implementation of SKOS. Priority 3: Provision to any user of the platform ARA Campus platform of a rich library of templates for the (automatic and / or ""author"") publication of audiovisual corpuses: customized templates for the publishing of AV portals, (semi- automatic) templates for the publishing of video-files, templates for different kinds of access to AV corpus, ... Priority 4: Implementation of (meta-) AAR Campus portal with: 4.1) a central access to all other portals based on the same technology and a research motor based on a simplified shared catalogue integrating OAI standard; 4.2) (for any identified and authorized user) a sustainable access to all applications of the ARA Campus platform and to all shareable resources. Priority 5: Close cooperation with main stakeholders in the field of digital humanities in France: 6.1) first category of stakeholders: the major French institutional programs: education, including the UNT UOH, the CERIMES and Canal-U; research including the CCSD (CNRS) and its Open Archives (MédiHal, Hal-Video), ISIDORE, the program IR Corpus and the TGE Adonis; governance: Athena Alliance, Campus Condorcet, PRS Hesam, UNPIDF, network of MSH, ...); 6.2) second category of stakeholders: individual actors (teachers, researchers, PhD students, ...) and collective actors (research laboratories, ...) involved in projects aiming at the constitution and exploitation of - personal - AV archives."

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