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Utrecht University
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  • Funder: NWO Project Code: 023.003.101

    This study will investigate the effectiveness of speech and language therapy in preschool children with severe developmental language disorders and special education needs. A developmental language disorder severely affects communication skills and has adverse effects on all aspects of a young childs development. There is a lack of information on the effectiveness of care and education provided to young children with severe language disorders. Results of effect studies are contradictory and in most cases aimed at older children. Furthermore there is a variety in organisation of care and education to children with developmental language disorders in countries over the world, so results of international studies cannot simply be generalized to the Dutch situation. In the proposed study the effects of intervention on growth in language skills will be investigated by following the progress of a large cohort systematically. Child factors, therapy factors and educational factors will be recorded as possible predictors of effect. Subsequently evidence based speech and language therapy according to a protocol will be compared to care as usual on schools for special education. The results of the study will lead to improvement of care and education that is offered to children with developmental language disorders.

  • Funder: NWO Project Code: 431-09-028
  • Funder: NWO Project Code: OCENW.XS3.059

    Calcium carbonate minerals derived from the shells of planktonic organisms, cover most of the seafloor and act as a giant antacid tablet protecting the oceans against acidification caused by massive CO2 emissions. Here we find that microbes living at the seafloor are likely causing a lot of dissolution of these calcium carbonate minerals in the ocean. We also find that the shells of abundant gastropods named “sea butterflies” are protecting other, less soluble shells against dissolution. Thus, better understanding the ecology of these faunas is capital to accurately predict the response of the Earth System to current climate change.

  • Funder: NWO Project Code: 404-10-042
  • Funder: NWO Project Code: NNNL.P.03D

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