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Country: Croatia


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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 832969
    Overall Budget: 9,890,600 EURFunder Contribution: 7,989,260 EUR

    The twenty-first century experiments a digital revolution that simplifies flight and cross-border. Digitalization contributes to leverage information sharing, reduce exploitation costs and improve travel experience, but it also blurs the lines between virtual world and reality with serious security matters. In the meanwhile airports face a daily challenge to ensure business continuity and passengers’ safety. SATIE adopts a holistic approach about threat prevention, detection, response and mitigation in the airports, while guaranteeing the protection of critical systems, sensitive data and passengers. Critical assets are usually protected against individual physical or cyber threats, but not against complex scenarios combining both categories of threats. In order to handle it, SATIE develops an interoperable toolkit which improves cyber-physical correlations, forensics investigations and dynamic impact assessment at airports. Having a shared situational awareness, security practitioners and airport managers collaborate more efficiently to the crisis resolution. Emergency procedures can be triggered simultaneously through an alerting system in order to reschedule airside/landside operations, notify first responders, cybersecurity and maintenance teams towards a fast recovery. Innovative solutions will be integrated on a simulation platform in order to improve their interoperability and to validate their efficiency. Three demonstrations will be conducted at different corners of Europe (Croatia, Italy and Greece) in order to evaluate the solutions in operational conditions (TRL≥7). Results and best practises will be widely disseminated to the scientific community, standardization bodies, security stakeholders and the aeronautic community. Finally, SATIE paves the way to a new generation of Security Operation Centre that will be included in a comprehensive airport security policy.

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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101021274
    Overall Budget: 9,037,990 EURFunder Contribution: 7,580,900 EUR

    PRAETORIAN strategic goal is to increase the security and resilience of European CIs, facilitating the coordinated protection of interrelated CI against combined physical and cyber threats. To that end, the project will provide a multidimensional (economical, technological, policy, societal) yet installation-specific toolset comprising: (i) a Physical Situation Awareness system, (ii) a Cyber Situation Awareness system; (iii) a Hybrid Situation Awareness system, which will include digital twins of the infrastructure under protection; and (iv) a Coordinated Response system. The PRAETORIAN toolset will support the security managers of Critical Infrastructures (CI) in their decision making to anticipate and withstand potential cyber, physical or combined security threats to their own infrastructures and other interrelated CIs that could have a severe impact on their performance and/or the security of the population in their vicinity. The project will specifically tackle (i.e. prevent, detect, response and, in case of a declared attack, mitigate) human-made cyber and physical attacks or natural disasters affecting CIs. It will also address how an attack or incident in a specific CI can jeopardise the normal operation of other neighbouring/interrelated CIs, and how to make all of them more resilient, by predicting cascading effects and proposing a unified response among CIs and assisting First Responder teams. PRAETORIAN is a CI-led, user-driven project, which will demonstrate its results in three international pilot clusters –some of them cross border– involving 9 outstanding critical infrastructures: 2 international airports, 2 ports, 3 hospitals and 2 power plants.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101036871
    Overall Budget: 34,006,400 EURFunder Contribution: 24,991,600 EUR

    Our world is facing unprecedented environmental challenges. Keeping the global temperature rise below 1.5°C implies a mandatory drop in CO2 emissions. Against this backdrop, the EC has issued the European Green Deal: an ambitious plan towards a fully sustainable economy, including aviation. With one million species endangered, biodiversity restoration is another key issue. Once aviation has recovered from the COVID pandemic effects, global air traffic as a major enabler of connectivity and economic growth will resume and keep increasing. This emphasizes the challenge of reducing the environmental impact of the air transportation sector as a whole. OLGA partners (airports, airline, handler, industry, research, SMEs) unite a wealth of expertise to contribute to solving this complex challenge: efficient and carbon neutral airport and airline operations, sustainable logistics, smart energy & mobility, intermodality for passengers and freight, emission/air quality assessments, green construction and circular end-of-life solutions. Sustainable Aviation Fuels supply chains will be integrated in conventional jet fuel infrastructure. Complementary types of low-emission mobilities, electric ground support equipment, hydrogen infrastructure and reduced carbon airside operations will be demonstrated. OLGA will achieve significant quantified advances already within the first three years, ready for exploitation by partners. This will lead to proven CO2 reduction, air quality improvement and biodiversity preservation with involvement of the entire sector's value chain. Sustainable impacts will be realised on societal, environmental and economic levels at local, national and EU scale. OLGA will have a duration of 60 months, requesting a 25 MEuros grant. OLGA's airports are uniquely positioned to showcase the environmental innovations, while the airports of Zagreb and Cluj will prove scalability and EU-wide applicability.

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