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National Laboratory for Civil Engineering
Country: Portugal
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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 763562
    Overall Budget: 399,620 EURFunder Contribution: 399,620 EUR

    LIS-Water is an initiative of the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC) to create in Portugal an international CoE for frontier R&I on water services and related water resources with a high impact on public policies, management and regulation in Portugal, Europe and worldwide. LIS-Water results from a long-term teaming process between LNEC, a recognized centre of R&I from a low-performing EU R&I Member State (Portugal), and 2 top institutions of R&I excellence from advanced Member States (UK and France) - Cranfield Water Science Institute (Cranfield University) and Sorbonne Graduate Business School (Université Paris1 Pantheon-Sorbonne). LIS-Water´s vision is to develop excellent scientific and technological R&I for improved water services and related water resources management, essential to the well-being of citizens and economic activities, with a strong improvement effect on public health and environment. It will contribute to a more developed and healthier society. It will build an innovative, open and widely recognized international CoE on water services as well as related water resources. The Portuguese Ministry of Environment has identified that LIS-Water is essential for the development of the Portuguese water sector and its competitiveness in the international market and is committed to ensure the long-term nature and accountability of LIS-Water, including funding of an estimated minimum amount of 15 million euros in 7 years. LIS-Water will have a strong impact along the water value chain, from an increased and more qualified scientific critical mass to an improved business environment for water-related companies, including a sustainability-friendlier policy context and improved education, training and capacity building. It will help tackle current and new societal challenges, contributing to a more developed society, engaging all key stakeholders (universities, research organisations, policy makers, regulators, water utilities, industry, CSOs).

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 859887
    Overall Budget: 699,858 EURFunder Contribution: 699,858 EUR

    The Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference is the foremost and leading European Research and Technology Conference on transport and mobility. It brings together people from all over Europe and beyond, to discuss the newest innovations and the future of mobility and transport providing a wide forum for academia, industry, public administration, authorities and transport operators. TRA leverages dialogue and networking between researchers, policy makers, and industry representatives, through the presentation of transport research, innovations and deployment achievements, fostering alignment and cooperation between initiatives funded at regional, national and European level in order to build up policy trends and plans for a common strategical research and innovation agendas. TRA 2022 will be a unique opportunity for the transport sector to face these new challenges and to boost its research and innovation capacity throughout the full innovation cycle, from idea to market, including fundamental research, prototyping, demonstration, pilot activities and business-driven Research & Development, with an overall strategy based on the motto of Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide. TRA 2022 will take place in Lisbon, a city which has made a name for itself as the venue of world-renowned events in a variety of sectors (including transport, research and innovation) such as the Web Summit, World Conference on Transport Research Society 2010 (WCTR), the International Road Federation 2010 (IRF), opening its doors to visitors from the four corners of the world, vouching for its innate capacity to host high level international events with the uppermost standards of quality and hospitality.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 653670
    Overall Budget: 955,625 EURFunder Contribution: 955,625 EUR

    The transport network across Europe faces challenges relating to carbon reduction targets, energy security, and depletion of natural resources, without sacrificing its efficiency and compromising mobility. In addition, the road and rail infrastructure in particular are ageing and require renewal. Simultaneously, advances in sensors, mobile communications, smart ticketing and ‘big data’ offer the potential for customers to become an active part of the transport operations system and have the information to make decisions – for transport to enable ‘mode agnostic’ personal and business travel and – for freight operators to have more resilience and better reliability in their systems. The European transport system faces also an unavoidable societal challenge, which is achieving new levels of resource-efficiency, environmental-friendliness, safe and seamless transport for the benefit of citizens, the economy and society. In order to tackle the challenges and reap the benefits outlined above, infrastructure owners and transport operators will be required to work together, along with other crucial stakeholders, to share knowledge and cooperate in a way that will be beneficial to all parties, and this proposal seeks to facilitate this. The objective of this project is to better understand the common challenges experienced across transport modes, bring representatives of transport modes together to share experience and skills and to develop a set of common research objectives. The project will draw upon the experience gained from the Joint European Transport platform with the focus on infrastructure operations, and will also focus on research objectives presented in the Forever Open Road programme and the work of the FORx4 - Forever Open Road, Railway, Runway and River – A Cross-modal transport initiative for research for which FEHRL produced a ‘Point of View’ document.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 642433
    Overall Budget: 1,107,380 EURFunder Contribution: 1,107,380 EUR

    The overall objective of PIANO is to create a strategic cooperation partnership for water research and innovation between Europe and China, promoting the creation of networks of companies (including SMEs), entrepreneurs, not for profit organisations, policy makers, regulators and funding bodies to create business and social opportunities for China Europe Water Cooperation. PIANO will contribute to and is endorsed by the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP), and its 10 active EU Member States. First, PIANO will strengthen the existing CEWP network to create a comprehensive China Europe water research and innovation network. Second, based on a comparative analysis of the water innovation landscape in Europe and China, PIANO will identify European technological water innovations with potential for implementation and replication in China. In addition, PIANO will identify opportunities for joint development to address water challenges, where both Europe and China lack market ready technological water innovations. Third, PIANO will identify drivers and barriers for implementation and replication of technical innovations. PIANO will also identify strategies to overcome obstacles and take advantage of drivers, to facilitate creation of business opportunities. Fourth, PIANO will promote knowledge exchange and a policy dialogue to create an enabling environment for the uptake of technological water innovations. Fifth, PIANO will develop a shared strategic research and innovation agenda between Europe and China in the water sector. PIANO will align with current and future strategic initiatives to optimise opportunities for the EU and China across the water sector. To ensure success and achieve high impact, PIANO will be executed by a consortium of 9 leading European partners from both public and private sectors. Also, 13 leading Chinese partners are active PIANO participants, including the Ministries of Water Resources and of Environmental Protection.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 687289
    Overall Budget: 2,999,900 EURFunder Contribution: 2,999,900 EUR

    The Co-ReSyF project will implement a dedicated data access and processing infrastructure, with automated tools, methods and standards to support research applications using Earth Observation (EO) data for monitoring of Coastal Waters, leveraging on the components deployed SenSyF. The main objective is to facilitate the access to Earth Observation data and pre-processing tools to the research community, towards the future provision of future Coastal Waters services based on EO data. Through Co-ReSyF‘s collaborative front end, even young and/or inexperienced researchers in EO will be able to upload their applications to the system to compose and configure processing chains for easy deployment on the cloud infrastructure. They will be able to accelerate the development of high-performing applications taking full advantage of the scalability of resources available in the cloud framework. The included facilities and tools, optimized for distributed processing, include EO data access catalogue, discovery and retrieval tools, as well as a number of pre-processing and toolboxes for manipulating EO data. Advanced users will also be able to go further and take full control of the processing chains and algorithms by having access to the cloud back-end and to further optimize their applications for fast deployment for big data access and processing. The Co-ReSyF capabilities will be supported and initially demonstrated by a series of early adopters that will develop new research applications on the coastal domain, will guide the definition of requirements and serve as system beta testers. A competitive call will be issued within the project to further demonstrate and promote the usage of the Co-ReSyF release. These pioneering researchers in will be given access not only to the platform itself, but also to extensive training material on the system and also on Coastal Waters research themes, as well as to the project's events, including the Summer School and Final Workshop.

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