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Additional file 8: of Peripheral blood DNA methylation differences in twin pairs discordant for Alzheimer’s disease

Konki, Mikko; Malonzo, Maia; Karlsson, Ida; Lindgren, Noora; Bishwa Ghimire; Smolander, Johannes; Scheinin, Noora; Ollikainen, Miina; Laiho, Asta; Elo, Laura; ...
  • Published: 01 Jan 2019
  • Publisher: figshare
Residual plots for linear mixed effects models. CpG methylation of the region chr10:1,405,405-366, in exon three of ADARB2 gene was analyzed with targeted pyrosequencing. Association of disease status with methylation level (outcome) was examined with linear mixed effects model (lme4 R package) including zygosity, age and gender as fixed effects and twin pair information nested with genomic position as random effects. In the Figure is the representative data of the residual plots for the models: a) me ~ dis + zyg + age + sex + dis * zyg + dis * age + dis * sex + (1 | pairid/pos) in the data including both male and female twin pairs, b) me ~ dis + zyg + age + dis * zyg + dis * age + (1 | pairid/pos) in the data including only males. me = CpG methylation level, dis = disease status, zyg = zygosity, pairid = twin pair information, pos = genomic position. (JPG 297 kb)
Medical Subject Headings: mental disorderscomplex mixturesfluids and secretionsviruses
free text keywords: Genetics, FOS: Biological sciences, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, 69999 Biological Sciences not elsewhere classified, Inorganic Chemistry, FOS: Chemical sciences, Science Policy, 111714 Mental Health, FOS: Health sciences
  • Science and Innovation Policy Studies
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AKA| Epigenetic pathways to obesity
  • Funder: Academy of Finland (AKA)
  • Project Code: 297908
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