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Research data . Dataset . 2022

Data and processing scripts from "Morphodynamic Preservation of Fluvial Channel Belts"

Cardenas, Benjamin T.;
Open Access

This compilation contains data reported in the manuscript Cardenas, Lamb, Jobe, Mohrig, and Swartz, Morphodynamic preservation of fluvial channel belts. As of Nov 2022, this manuscript is submitted to SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) journal The Sedimentary Record. Compilation contains: (1) Table showing the edge coordinates of each channel belt in the associated manuscript. (2) Table showing centerline point coordinates. (3) Table showing all width measurements for each channel belt. (4) A compilation table showing representative geometric measurements for each belt. (5) A python script to generate paleoflow directions from centerline coordinates. (6) A script to generate various geometric measurements from belt edge coordinates. (7) A script to plot histograms of geometric measurements.


3d seismic, fluvial, sedimentology, channel belt, stratigraphy, geology, gulf of mexico

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