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Research data . Dataset . 2022

Chinese Engineers Relational Database (CERD) Bi-monthly Export

Pelzer, Thorben;
Open Access

This is a bi-monthly export. CERD is a database of engineers from the Chinese Republican period (1912–1949). The digital analysis of historical registers has led to a prosopographic catalogue of persons, colleges, and workplaces. The data can be put in relation to one another by researchers to answer individual research questions. Citation recommendation: Pelzer, Thorben, et al., eds. (2021–2022). Chinese Engineers Relational Database (CERD) (Version 1.6.0). Zenodo. Changelog: 1.6.0 (August 2022): Approx. 17,400 entries, completed sources, minor corrections, mergers, translations 1.5.0 (June 2022): Approx. 17,300 entries, added additional memberships 1.4.0 (April 2022): Approx. 16,800 entries, added additional sources, schooling 1.3.0 (February 2022): Approx. 16,500 entries, added documentation, additional memberships 1.2.0 (December 2021): Approx. 16,300 entries, added frequent CSV exports, source annotations, 5 missing minglu pages, additional association memberships 1.1.0 (October 2021): Approx. 15,700 entries, added selected association memberships 1.0.0 (August 2021): Approx. 15,400 entries [complete gongchengren minglu dataset milestone] 0.5.0 (June 2021): Approx. 13,000 entries 0.4.0 (April 2021): Approx. 10,500 entries 0.3.0 (February 2021): Approx. 7,500 entries, as well as various corrections, mergers, translations 0.2.0 (December 2020): Approx. 5,000 entries, as well as various corrections, mergers, translations 0.1.0 (October 2020): Early version with approx. 3,000 entries Online Access: Via Heurist:

Funded through the DFG (SFB 1199: "Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition") and partly the BMBF ("The Pioneers of China's Rise to Technological Power: Technical Educational Institutions and Their Students in the Age of Global Transformation, 1860–1911").


chinese history, digital humanities, history of science and technology

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