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Research data . Dataset . 2021

Climate variables and oxygen isotope ratio in precipitation extracted at speleothem sites for three iHadCM3 climate model simulations over the last millennium (810CE-1850CE)

Rehfeld, Kira; Bühler, Janica;
Open Access
Published: 19 Feb 2021
Publisher: Zenodo

Financial support for this study was given by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, projects 316076679 and 395588486) as well as the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, grant no. 01LP1926C). Simulations were carried out using the ARCHER UK National Supercomputing Service (\url{}). It benefits from and contributes to the compilation efforts of the SISAL (Speleothem Isotopes Synthesis and Analysis) working group out of the Past Global Changes (PAGES) programme. We thank PAGES for their support of this activity.

Here we provide time series of three isotope-enabled model simulations of the iHadCM3 Model in supplement to Bühler et al. (2020). Simulation output was extracted at SISAL v.2. sites for the last millennium (810-1850CE). More information on the simulations can be found in the file README.txt and the paper this upload supplements.

{"references": ["B\u00fchler, J. C., Roesch, C., Kirschner, M., Sime, L., Holloway, M. D., and Rehfeld, K.: Comparison of the oxygen isotope signatures in speleothem records and iHadCM3 model simulations for the last millennium, Clim. Past Discuss. [preprint],, in review, 2020."]}


climate model output, speleothems, SISAL