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Research data . Dataset . 2020

Conventions and temporal differences in painted faces - A study of posture and color distribution

van Zuijlen, Mitchell; Pont, S.C. (Sylvia); Wijntjes, M.W.A. (Maarten);
Open Access

A collection of around 11.000 painted faces, from 6 galleries, and a datafile with statistics for each face. Each face is present as a crop from the original painting, a crop with the background removed and a crop with the background, eyes and mouth removed.

Subjects by Vocabulary

Medical Subject Headings: food and beverages fungi humanities


Other Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, FOS: Psychology, Faces, cognition, paintings, visual perception, western art, Time: 1242/1951

Funded by
NWO| Visual communication of material properties
  • Funder: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) (NWO)
  • Project Code: 26743
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Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage