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Replication data for: Playing with fire compounds

Compound accent tones in (North) Norwegian pre-schoolers' role play register
Strand, Bror-Magnus S.;
Closed Access
  • Published: 01 Jan 2021
  • Publisher: DataverseNO
The dataset contains: Praat scripts for extracting and annotating relevant utterances from larger sound files, and extracting data (F0) from shorter sound files for further analysis. Sound files (.wav) containing single utterances Praat Pitch files with F0 contours of pitch accent tones Praat TextGrid Files R script for smoothing F0 contours using functional data analysis (fda), and making plots from and calculating correlation coefficients on the contours. All material from a corpus of 7 children engaging in free peer interaction and self recording of 5 adults for baseline data. Publication abstract: Prosodic features are some of the most salient features of dialect variation in Norway. It is therefore no wonder that the switch in prosodic systems is what is first recognized by caretakers and scholars when Norwegian children code-switch to something resembling the dialect of the capital (henceforth Urban East Norwegian, UEN) in role play. With focus on the Scandinavian system of lexical accent tones, this paper investigates the spontaneous speech of North Norwegian children engaging in peer social role play. The paper makes the case that children fail to apply the target accent tone in compounds in consistency with UEN in role play, although the production of accent tones otherwise seems to be phonetically target like UEN. Put in other words, they perform in accordance with UEN phonetics, but not UEN morpho-phonology.
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free text keywords: Arts and Humanities, Prosody, Role Play, Tone, Accent tone, Tone accent, Functional data analysis, Phonology, Phonetics, Acoustic analysis, Play, Compounds, Norwegian, Northern Norwegian, North Norwegian, Urban East Norwegian
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