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Stable isotope ratios of hydrothermal vent alvinocaridid shrimps collected during the BICOSE 2 cruise (2018)

Methou, Pierre; Michel, Loic; Segonzac, Michel; Cambon Bonavita, Marie-Anne; Pradillon, Florence;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2020
  • Publisher: SEANOE
During the 2018 BICOSE 2 cruise of RV Pourquoi Pas ? (Cambon-Bonavita 2018,, alvinocaridid shrimps were sampled in two deep-sea hydrothermal vent fields: Snake Pit and TAG (Mid-Atlantic Ridge). Stable isotope ratios and elemental contents of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur of 251 samples belonging to different life stages of 4 shrimp taxa were measured. Samples were identified and frozen at -80°C on board, then brought back to the laboratory for processing. They were prepared for analysis at the LEP (Laboratoire Environnement Profond, Ifremer, Centre de Bretagne, France; Analytical measurements were performed at University of Liège (Belgium)’s stable isotope facility (Laboratory of Oceanology, Stable Isotope in Environmental Sciences and Trophic Ecology workgroup, Results of the analysis of the dataset for two of the shrimp species are published in: Methou, P., Michel, L., Segonzac. M., Cambon-Bonavita, M.-A., Pradillon, F. (2020). Integrative taxonomy revisits the ontogeny and trophic niches of Rimicaris vent shrimps, Royal Society Open Science. The dataset consists of two files: one containing the data itself, and one describing all used terms (measurements or metadata).
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free text keywords: Stable isotopes, Hydrothermal vents, Mid-atlantic ridge, Tag, Snake Pit, Rimicaris exoculata, Rimicaris chacei, Alvinocaris markensis, Mirocaris fortunata, Life history, Trophic shifts, Trophic interactions
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Open Access
Dataset . 2020
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