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Research data . Film . 2020

Hejing Museum

Bulag, Uradyn E.; Dorjraa;
Published: 24 Feb 2020
Publisher: Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Documentation Project, University of Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom
The Torghut cultural artefacts exhibition in the museum of Hejing county is the focus of this video. The Torghut tangible cultural heritage is displayed on the second floor of the museum. At the entrance of the museum one can find animal branding irons in different shapes. These were used by 44 Torghut sums in Bayangol before the Chinese Communist Party took over power in 1949. Today, however, some families still use them. Among the items on display are wooden tanks and boxes for foods, trinkets from the former Torghut Royal Palace (Höh Yaman, or Blue Palace), a Torghut yurt filled with essential tools. Among different seasonal dresses on display, one can see a special dress, which was a gift sent from the Republic of Kalmykia to Subsun, the last princess of the Torghuts. Local brand products are displayed on the other side of the museum: Ubashi wine, Donggui wine (Return to the East wine), Arshat (natural spring), Khaidagingol wine (Kaidag river wine), Baatar wine (hero wine), Bayanbor milk wine, dried meat and cereal foods, etc.
Sponsored by Arcadia Fund, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin

Torghut, culture, exhibition, museum, history, local brands, Torghut, culture, exhibition, museum, history, local brands

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