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Reconstruction model statistics for European samples from the Northern Hemisphere Harmonized Pollen Archive

Herzschuh, Ulrike; Boehmer, Thomas; Li, Chenzhi; Cao, Xianyong;
Closed Access English
  • Published: 01 Jan 2021
  • Publisher: PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
free text keywords: Apageo corer, Beug_pollen archive, Borer, Byelorussian sampler, Calypso Corer, Chamber corer, Cobra percussion corer, Continent, Core, Core drilling, Correlation coefficient, Coûteaux corer, Dachnowski corer, Digerfeldt Letteval corer, Digging pit, Drilling coring, Drilling drill rig, Edelman corer, Eijkelkamp Kammerbohrer, Event label, Excavation, Factor, Gauge sampler, Geonor corer, Giktorf s peat borer, Gouge auger, Hammer, Hand auger drill, Hand borer, Hand corer, Hand drill, Hand push corer, Hiller borer, Hiller corer, Hiller sampler, Identification, Industrial corer, Instorf corer, Instorf drill, Instorf sampler, Jowsey corer, July, KULLENBERG corer, Knife, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, Letteval sampler, Livingstone borer, Livingstone corer, Livingstone piston corer, Livingstone piston sampler, Mackereth corer, Metal boxes, Metal boxes 30x5 cm, Metal boxes 40x10x10 cm, Metal boxes 50x8x8 cm, Metal boxes 8x8 cm, Mobil Drill corer, Modern analogue technique MAT, Monolith boxes, Monolith boxes 10x10 cm, Monolith boxes 10x10x75 cm, Monolith tins 1x3x3 cm, Monolith tins 1x3x30 cm, Neotoma, Niederreiter Piston corer, Northern Hemisphere, Number, ODER, Outcrop sample, PVC tube, Percussion corer, Pilcon wayfarer drilling rig, Piston corer, Piston corer Streif Merkt, Piston sampler, Plastic pipe, Plastic tube, Polar Terrestrial Environmental Systems AWI AWI_Envi, Precipitation, Profile sampling, Pürckhauer, Reference source, Root mean square error, Russian corer, Russian peat borer, Russian peat corer, Russian peat sampler, Russian sampler, Sampling by hand, Sampling drilling in lake, Sampling on land, Site, Smith corer, Spade, Square rod piston corer, Streif corer, Temperature, UWITEC, Usinger Piston Corer, Usinger corer, Vibro corer, Wardenaar corer, Weighted averaging partial least squares WA PLS regression, Wieckowski sampler, air, annual mean, annual total, paleoecology, pollen, Earth System Research, Reference/source, Temperature, air, July, Temperature, air, annual mean, Precipitation, annual total, Metal boxes (50x8x8 cm), Square-rod piston corer, Gouge auger, Pürckhauer, Giktorf's peat borer, Metal boxes (40x10x10 cm), Piston corer Streif/Merkt, Drilling/drill rig, Monolith tins (1x3x30 cm), Mobil-Drill corer, Piston corer, UWITEC, Monolith boxes (10x10 cm), Metal boxes (30x5 cm), Digerfeldt-Letteval corer, Monolith boxes (10x10x75 cm), Hand auger (drill), Drilling/coring, Monolith tins (1x3x3 cm), Metal boxes (8x8 cm), Weighted averaging partial least squares (WA-PLS) regression, Modern analogue technique (MAT), Beug_pollen-archive, Sampling/drilling in lake, Polar Terrestrial Environmental Systems @ AWI (AWI_Envi)
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Dataset . 2021
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Dataset . 2021
Provider: PANGAEA
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