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  • research data . 2018
    Osumi-Sutherland, David; Ponta, Enrico; Courtot, Melanie; Parkinson, Helen; Badi, Laura;
    Publisher: Figshare
    Project: WT , NIH | Gene Ontology Consortium (4U41HG002273-16)

    Abstract Background The Gene Ontology (GO) consists of over 40,000 terms for biological processes, cell components and gene product activities linked into a graph structure by over 90,000 relationships. It has been used to annotate the functions and cellular locations o...

  • research data . 2018
    David Osumi-Sutherland; Enrico Ponta; Melanie Courtot; Helen Parkinson; Laura Badi;
    Publisher: figshare Academic Research System
    Project: NIH | Gene Ontology Consortium (4U41HG002273-16), WT

    A complete over-representation analysis for RCV gene sets against GTEx tissue type transcriptomes. The analysis is displayed as a heat map with RCV on the Y-axis, GTEx on the X-axis, over-respresentation in blue and under-respresentation in red. Both axes are clustered ...

2 research outcomes, page 1 of 1