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  • Other research product . 2022
    Open Access Indonesian
    Akmal, S. (Safarov); Mamlakat, K. (Kadirova);
    Publisher: Novateur Publication
    Country: Indonesia

    This article discusses the policy of collectivization in agriculture. It also analyzes the rapid growth of cotton fields as a result of collectivization.

  • Open Access Indonesian
    Jaxongir, O. (Olimov); Aziz, M. (Meliboyev);
    Publisher: Research Parks Publishing
    Country: Indonesia

    The study of the history of forestry in Uzbekistan is one of the goals of the environmental policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the work done and achievements in this area have an important political and practical significance. This article examines the role and importance of state archival sources in the study of the history of forestry in Uzbekistan.