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  • Open Access
    Arnaubec, Aurelien; Raugel, Ewen;
    Publisher: SEANOE

    Abstract Torpedo boat wreck off-the southern French Mediterranean coast (43.124°N;6.523°E), at a water depth of ~476 m. This battle ship sank in 1903 ( and the wreck is is ~20 m long and 3 m wide, rais...

  • Authors: 
    Elleboode, Romain (1);
    Publisher: Ifremer

    Vertèbres entières zooarchéologiques de Synbranchus marmoratus. Les annuli correspondant à des périodes de croissance lente. La sclérochronologie est une méthode utilisée pour estimer la saison de décès (saison de capture) des individus archéologiques sur la base d'un m...

  • Open Access
    Fólica, Laura; Ikoff, Ventsislav; Roig Sanz, Diana;
    Publisher: R+D Project: Mapping Hispanic Modernity. Cross-border Literary Networks and Cultural Mediators

    SeriesInformation: This dataset records translations and reviews of foreign works published in Spanish or Latin American modernist journals (understanding 'modernist' in the anglophone sense). Thus, it currently includes all translations or reviews from the following jo...