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  • Open Access
    Anegg, Martin; Prakofjewa, Julia; Kalle, Raivo; Sõukand, Renata;
    Publisher: F1000 Research Ltd
    Project: EC | DiGe (714874)

    Background: Historical ethnobotanical data can provide valuable information about past human-nature relationships as well as serve as a basis for diachronic analysis. This data note aims to present a dataset which documented medicinal plant uses, mentioned in a selectio...

  • Publication . Article . Other literature type . 2022
    Open Access English
    Nury, Elisa; Clivaz, Claire; Błaszczyńska, Marta; Kaiser, Michael; Morka, Agata; Schaefer, Valérie; Stojanovski, Jadranka; Tóth-Czifra, Erzsébet;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Countries: France, Croatia, France
    Project: EC | OPERAS-P (871069)

    International audience; Published in OA on RESSI ( at the end of Octobre 2021. We present here highlights from an enquiry on the innovations in scholarly writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the H2020 project OPERAS-P. This article explo...

  • Publication . Article . Other literature type . Preprint . 2021
    Open Access English
    Stian Soiland-Reyes; Peter Sefton; Mercè Crosas; Leyla Jael Castro; Frederik Coppens; José M. Fernández; Daniel Garijo; Björn Grüning; Marco La Rosa; Simone Leo; +6 more
    Countries: Belgium, United Kingdom
    Project: EC | EOSC-Life (824087), EC | BioExcel-2 (823830), EC | SYNTHESYS PLUS (823827), EC | RELIANCE (101017501), EC | PREP-IBISBA (871118), SSHRC , EC | IBISBA 1.0 (730976)

    An increasing number of researchers support reproducibility by including pointers to and descriptions of datasets, software and methods in their publications. However, scientific articles may be ambiguous, incomplete and difficult to process by automated systems. In thi...

  • Open Access English
    Kun Sun; Haitao Liu; Wenxin Xiong;
    Project: EC | WIDE (742545)

    AbstractScientific writings, as one essential part of human culture, have evolved over centuries into their current form. Knowing how scientific writings evolved is particularly helpful in understanding how trends in scientific culture developed. It also allows us to be...

  • Open Access
    Juan José Pierella Karlusich; Juan José Pierella Karlusich; Federico Matias Ibarbalz; Federico Matias Ibarbalz; Federico Matias Ibarbalz; Chris Bowler; Chris Bowler;
    Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP)
    Country: Argentina
    Project: EC | AtlantECO (862923)

    Marine phytoplankton are believed to account for more than 45% of photosynthetic net primary production on Earth, and hence are at the base of marine food webs and have an enormous impact on the entire Earth system. Their members are found across many of the major clade...

  • Open Access English
    Anders Svensson; Dorthe Dahl-Jensen; Jørgen Peder Steffensen; Thomas Blunier; Sune Olander Rasmussen; Bo Møllesøe Vinther; Paul Vallelonga; Emilie Capron; Vasileios Gkinis; Eliza Cook; +16 more
    Countries: Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, France
    Project: EC | THERA (820047), EC | TiPES (820970), NSF | Collaborative Research: I... (1142166), SNSF | EURODIVERSITY 2005 FP083-... (20ED21-114216), NSF | Collaborative Research: I... (0839093)

    The last glacial period is characterized by a number of millennial climate events that have been identified in both Greenland and Antarctic ice cores and that are abrupt in Greenland climate records. The mechanisms governing this climate variability remain a puzzle that...

  • Open Access
    Yichi Zhang;
    Project: EC | BROKEX (802070)

    This article examines a largely unexplored component of China’s classical garden system – the gardens of salt merchants in Tianjin during the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911). Beyond existing works, which tend to focus on imperial and scholar gardens – gardens of the ruling eli...

  • Open Access
    Najafabadipour, Marjan; Zanin, Massimiliano; Rodríguez-González, Alejandro; Torrente, Maria; Nuñez García, Beatriz; Cruz Bermudez, Juan Luis; Provencio, Mariano; Menasalvas, Ernestina;
    Publisher: Zenodo
    Project: EC | IASIS (727658)

    The automatic extraction of a patient’s natural history from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is a critical step towards building intelligent systems that can reason about clinical variables and support decision making. Although EHRs contain a large amount of valu...

  • Publication . Article . Preprint . Conference object . Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine . 2020 . Embargo End Date: 10 Jul 2020
    Open Access
    Biao Zhang; Philip Williams; Ivan Titov; Rico Sennrich;
    Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistics
    Countries: United Kingdom, Switzerland
    Project: EC | GoURMET (825299), EC | ELITR (825460), SNSF | Multi-Task Learning with ... (PP00P1_176727)

    Massively multilingual models for neural machine translation (NMT) are theoretically attractive, but often underperform bilingual models and deliver poor zero-shot translations. In this paper, we explore ways to improve them. We argue that multilingual NMT requires stro...

  • Open Access English
    Pierre Mercklé; Claire Zalc;
    Project: EC | LUBARTWORLD (818843)

    RésumésL’objectif de cet article est de proposer un examen détaillé des apports et des limites de la modélisation en histoire à partir du cas de la Shoah. Il s’appuie sur une enquête qui a permis de reconstituer les « trajectoires de persécution » des 992 Juifs de Lens ...