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  • Open Access English
    Pavlos Fafalios; Kostas Petrakis; Georgios Samaritakis; Korina Doerr; Athina Kritsotaki; Yannis Tzitzikas; Martin Doerr;
    Project: EC | ReKnow (890861), EC | SeaLiT (714437)

    Descriptive and empirical sciences, such as History, are the sciences that collect, observe and describe phenomena in order to explain them and draw interpretative conclusions about influences, driving forces and impacts under given circumstances. Spreadsheet software a...

  • Authors: 
    Rebecca Ohene-Asah;
    Publisher: Informa UK Limited
    Project: EC | ILID (693398)
  • Open Access English
    Carlo Meghini; Valentina Bartalesi; Daniele Metilli;
    Publisher: IOS Press, Amsterdam , Paesi Bassi
    Country: Italy
    Project: EC | Mingei (822336)

    Digital Libraries (DLs), especially in the Cultural Heritage domain, are rich in narratives. Every digital object in a DL tells some kind of story, regardless of the medium, the genre, or the type of the object. However, DLs do not offer services about narratives, for e...

  • Publication . Article . 2021
    Closed Access English
    Vanessa Joosen;
    Project: EC | CAFYR (804920)

    Children's literature studies has been relatively slow in adopting techniques from digital humanities. This article explains a method for digitising, annotating, and analysing texts in xml to investigate the implicit age norms that children's books convey. The case stu...

  • Open Access
    Vlad Pojoga;
    Publisher: ASTRA National Museum Complex
    Project: EC | TRANSHIROL (101001710)

    This study has a two-fold structure, in its first part exploring various models of experimental literature, proposed by researchers such as Gerald Prince and Warren Motte, as well as theoretical attempts to define and analyze experimental literature in Romania. The seco...

  • Open Access English
    Pablo Ruiz Fabo; Helena Bermúdez Sabel; Clara Isabel Martínez Cantón; Elena González-Blanco;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France
    Project: EC | POSTDATA (679528)

    Abstract How has the sonnet form in Spanish evolved over the centuries? What is the distribution of metrical patterns and combinations thereof, considering diachronic, geographical, and social factors? What rhyme schemes are favoured in different periods and regions? Ho...

  • Open Access English
    Danilo Giglitto; Luigina Ciolfi; Wolfgang Bosswick;
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis
    Countries: United Kingdom, Ireland
    Project: EC | CultureLabs (770158)

    This article explores the needs and expectations of migrant and refugee communities in several European countries in relation to communicating and sharing their intangible cultural heritage (ICH) practices, and of cultural and civic institutions that plan to support thi...

  • Open Access English
    Isto Huvila; Olle Sköld; Lisa Börjesson;
    Country: Sweden
    Project: EC | CAPTURE (818210)

    PurposeSharing information about work processes has proven to be difficult. This applies especially to information shared from those who participate in a process to those who remain outsiders. The purpose of this article is to increase understanding of how professionals...

  • Open Access
    Alessio Antonini; Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa; Alessandro Adamou; Francesca Benatti; François Vignale; Guillaume Gravier; Lucia Lupi;
    Publisher: IOS Press
    Country: France
    Project: EC | JHEP2 (699523)

    International audience; Large scale cultural heritage datasets and computational methods for the humanities research framework are the two pillars of Digital Humanities, a research field aiming to expand humanities studies beyond specific sources and periods to address ...

  • Publication . Article . 2021
    Open Access English
    Mohsen Fazeli-Varzaneh; Ali Ghorbi; Marcel Ausloos; Emanuel Sallinger; Sahar Vahdati;
    Publisher: IEEE
    Project: EC | LAMBDA (809965)

    A “Sleeping Beauty” (SB) in science is a metaphor for a scholarly publication that remains relatively unnoticed by the related communities for a long time; - the publication is “sleeping”. However, suddenly due to the appearance of some pheno...