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  • Publication . Conference object . Other literature type . 2017
    Open Access English
    Renars Liepins; Ulrich Germann; Guntis Barzdins; Alexandra Birch; Steve Renals; Susanne Weber; Peggy van der Kreeft; Hervé Bourlard; João Prieto; Ondrej Klejch; +36 more
    Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistics
    Country: Switzerland
    Project: EC | SUMMA (688139)

    We present the first prototype of the SUMMA Platform: an integrated platform for multilingual media monitoring. The platform contains a rich suite of low-level and high-level natural language processing technologies: automatic speech recognition of broadcast media, mach...

  • Publication . Conference object . Preprint . Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine . Article . 2016
    Open Access English
    Ahmed Ali; Peter Bell; James Glass; Yacine Messaoui; Hamdy Mubarak; Steve Renals; Yifan Zhang;
    Country: United Kingdom
    Project: EC | SUMMA (688139)

    This paper describes the Arabic Multi-Genre Broadcast (MGB-2) Challenge for SLT-2016. Unlike last year's English MGB Challenge, which focused on recognition of diverse TV genres, this year, the challenge has an emphasis on handling the diversity in dialect in Arabic spe...