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  • Open Access
    Ahuvia Goren;
    Publisher: MDPI AG
    Project: EC | JEWTACT (801861)

    In recent years, scholars have devoted a great deal of attention to the history of scholarship in general and, more specifically, to the emergence of critical historical and anthropological literature from and within ecclesiastical scholarship. However, few studies have...

  • Open Access English
    Albert Kohn;
    Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
    Project: EC | BeyondtheElite (681507)

    In recent years, pre-modern beds have generated extensive scholarly interest. Their social, religious, and economic importance has been rightfully highlighted in the study of domestic piety. Yet, concern has primarily focused on beds in late medieval English homes. This...

  • Open Access
    Arik Moran;
    Publisher: MDPI AG
    Project: EC | NPHH (334489)

    Indic rites of purification aim to negate the law of karma by removing the residues of malignant past actions from their patrons. This principle is exemplified in the Kahika Mela, a rarely studied religious festival of the West Himalayan highlands (Himachal Pradesh, Ind...