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  • Open Access
    Anna S. Antonova; Arvid van Dam;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV
    Project: EC | ENHANCE (642935)

    Abstract While European integration has predominantly been addressed in terms of its common market and through questions of European identity, this article explores alternate perspectives of environment in peripheral landscapes as a practice through which European cente...

  • Open Access
    Kristian Stokke; Klo Kwe Moo Kham; Nang K.L. Nge; Silje Hvilsom Kvanvik;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV
    Project: EC | CRISEA (770562)

    Abstract The post-Cold War period has seen the rise of international liberal peacebuilding, as an overarching framework for international interventions in intrastate conflicts. In contrast, the current period is marked by decline of liberal peacebuilding, and a simultan...

  • Open Access
    Partarakis N.; Doulgeraki P.; Karuzaki E.; Adami I.; Ntoa S.; Metilli D.; Bartalesi V.; Meghini C.; Marketakis Y.; Kaplanidi D.; +2 more
    Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
    Country: Italy
    Project: EC | Mingei (822336)

    In this article, the Mingei Online Platform is presented as an authoring platform for the representation of social and historic context encompassing a focal topic of interest. The proposed representation is employed in the contextualised presentation of a given topic, t...

  • Open Access English
    Irene Buselli; Luca Oneto; Carlo Dambra; Christian Eduardo Verdonk Gallego; Miguel García Martínez; Anthony Smoker; Nnenna Ike; Tamara Pejovic; Patricia Ruiz Martino;
    Publisher: F1000 Research Limited
    Country: Sweden
    Project: EC | FARO (892542)

    Background: The air traffic management (ATM) system has historically coped with a global increase in traffic demand ultimately leading to increased operational complexity. When dealing with the impact of this increasing complexity on system safety it is crucial to autom...

  • Closed Access
    Markus H. Schafer; Haosen Sun;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV
    Project: EC | SERISS (654221), EC | SHARE-COHESION (870628), EC | SSHOC (823782), EC | SHARE-DEV3 (676536), SSHRC

    Abstract Adult children are key confidants for their aging parents, often providing emotional and advisory supports. Still, adult children are not a guaranteed presence in older people's core discussion networks. Geographical distance is a leading explanation for why so...

  • Open Access English
    Sarah Oberbichler; Emanuela Boros; Antoine Doucet; Jani Marjanen; Eva Pfanzelter; Juha Rautiainen; Hannu Toivonen; Mikko Tolonen;
    Country: Finland
    Project: EC | NewsEye (770299)

    This article considers the interdisciplinary opportunities and challenges of working with digital cultural heritage, such as digitized historical newspapers, and proposes an integrated digital hermeneutics workflow to combine purely disciplinary research approaches from...

  • Open Access English
    Pavlos Fafalios; Kostas Petrakis; Georgios Samaritakis; Korina Doerr; Athina Kritsotaki; Yannis Tzitzikas; Martin Doerr;
    Project: EC | ReKnow (890861), EC | SeaLiT (714437)

    Descriptive and empirical sciences, such as History, are the sciences that collect, observe and describe phenomena in order to explain them and draw interpretative conclusions about influences, driving forces and impacts under given circumstances. Spreadsheet software a...

  • Open Access
    Perez-Garcia, Manuel; Wang, Li; Svriz-Wucherer, Omar; Fernández-de-Pinedo, Nadia; Diaz-Ordoñez, Manuel;
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press (CUP)
    Country: Spain
    Project: EC | GECEM (679371)

    This paper introduces an innovative method applied to global (economic) history using the tools of digital humanities through the design and development of the GECEM Project Database (; This novel database goes beyond the static Excel ...

  • Authors: 
    Rebecca Ohene-Asah;
    Publisher: Informa UK Limited
    Project: EC | ILID (693398)
  • Open Access
    Rami Santeri Koskinen;
    Publisher: Zenodo
    Project: EC | LIFEMODE (818772)

    Critics of multiple realizability have recently argued that we should concentrate solely on actual here-and-now realizations that are found in nature. The possibility of alternative, but unactualized, realizations is regarded as uninteresting because it is taken to be a...