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  • 7. Clean energy

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    Medical Research Council, Uganda Virus Research Institute (MRC/UVRI); White, R.;
    Publisher: UK Data Service

    This is a mixed-methods data collection. This study used Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) methodology, which is a sampling method designed to generate unbiased estimates of population characteristics for populations where a sampling frame is not available. It is a form ...

  • English
    Twining, Brian;
    Publisher: DOE Geothermal Data Repository; Idaho National Laboratory

    Well data for the USGS-142 well located in eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho. This data collection includes lithology reports, borehole logs, and photos of rhyolite core samples. This collection of data has been assembled as part of the site characterization data used to...

  • English
    Harrington, Sue;
    Publisher: Archaeology Data Service

    The EAS Census is the research database of the Beyond the Tribal Hidage Project. The project examined the emergence of regional Anglo-Saxon kingdoms across southern England using archaeological data, adopting an explicitly comparative approach to establish reasons for s...