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  • 2018-2022
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    Kluth, Thomas;
    Publisher: Bielefeld University
    Country: Germany

    This data publication consists of two parts. First, it contains a C++ implementation of models of spatial language understanding. More specifically, the source code implements - the Attentional Vector Sum (AVS) model proposed by Regier and Carlson (2001), - the reversed AVS model proposed by Kluth, Burigo, and Knoeferle (2017), - the AVS-BB (AVS bounding box) and the rAVS-CoO (rAVS center-of-object) model proposed by Kluth, Burigo, Schultheis, and Knoeferle (accepted 2018), - and a number of closely related modifications. The source code is fully documented and accompanied by instructions and empirical data to replicate the model simulations reported in Kluth, Burigo, Schultheis, and Knoeferle (accepted 2018) and Kluth and Schultheis (2018). Second, this data publication contains the empirical data (rating data, eye movement data, and reaction time data) from the study described in Kluth, Burigo, Schultheis, and Knoeferle (accepted 2018). Furthermore, R source code files with statistical analyses (mainly Bayesian regression models) are provided that can be used to replicate all statistical models and graphics reported in Kluth, Burigo, Schultheis, and Knoeferle (accepted 2018). All source code is licensed under the GPLv3. All data are licensed under the ODbL v1.0.